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In the past I have owned bricks and mortar shops for 30 years, I had a computer one (Qualified computer hardware tech), gift shop including Aromatherapy range loved them all.

With my supplier’s help I’ve gone solely online so still doing what I love with a little help from friends. This website at times may have Affiliate links on it.

Looking to buy online? Our online store operates 24/7, meaning you can shop at your convenience, not just during business hours.

If you are looking for an easy way to make your house a home, we at Around The Home will help you to achieve the look that you are after for your Nursery, Bedroom, Lounge room, Dining Room and Outdoors.

Whether you need a couple of things to complete your space or inspiration, Around The Home would love to help with all your interior and outdoor decorating needs…
An Australian company with a diverse range of products available.

We have suppliers all over Australia that we pulled together in a one-stop shop online for products for Around The Home.

All products are sourced from reputable companies and mostly Australian Made, delivered to your door free.

We have recently introduced an Affiliate program to find out more click here.

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Shirley Potter

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