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Congratulations and welcome to Around The Home what happens now? You have your link if you don’t have one you can join here.

If you haven’t got your referral URL to share to potential customers CLICK HERE for a Tutorial Vid.

What do you do with it, we suggest that you set up a Facebook page and other social media Pages if you are interested in them, to see how to set up your Facebook page follow the steps here How to set up a Facebook Page for your business

I have a couple that I have set up, the main one is Around The Home the next one is Shirls Boutique that is where I share how to advertise and market your business, as well as our products and then I have AromaPlus this one I use for certain products, diffusers, essential oils, massage tables, salt lamps and artificial plants, everything that you could put together if you wanted to set up an aromatherapy studio or meditation area.

The idea of is for you to be able to create links to market what you want from it, if you only want to sell certain products then that is what you can do, or you can sell the whole range where there are over 8000 products, it is entirely up to you.

I’ve set the facebook pages up to show you that there is diversity and how you can do it, you don’t need to use the name around the home you can use any name that you want, better make one that suits your personality, what you’re interested in, what you like sharing, what you love talking about.

People buy from you and “who you are”, they want to know “who you are”, so share what you do during the day, also any funny memes are great.

Want to make your own graphics visit Canva.

I have been having fun with video as facebook covers from Post to my wall

A Funny Meme that relates


Around The Home video made with Post to my wall


Shirls Boutique made with Post to my wall


AromaPlus made with Post to my wall


Web Site

You can set up a Web site to add the products to if you want this option please Contact Us we can put a price together for this option as you see with my examples below it could just be a blog or just certain products you like.

Shirls Boutique