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House to Homely

House to Homely
What makes a house feel homely?

I’m beginning to think some colour on the walls makes a difference. We moved into our house in a hurry and its all painted pale cream. We are going to be painting it soon. Will be blogging about that when we do it.

Lighting is a big one for me. I love my Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps

Rugs, photos, scented candles, the smell of baking, throws, scatter cushions – things you like to personalise the space can often help.

Yankee Candles


Throw pillows and blankets are the perfect way to do that in your living room. They can be draped across any accent chair, couch corner or ottoman in your living room for a cozier look.

Throw Rugs

A comfortable base and mattress is the start. Ohh and sheets my personal is Microfiber ones. Lots of pillows on beds I love doing this but hubby rolls his eyes at bedtime, we just take them off, but for me, they just complete my bedroom.



Children playing with toys is what makes my house a home. Nothing lovelier than sitting on the couch and watching them play nicely. We have toys from newborn to teens.

Fisher Price Baby toy

Keeping your home clean is so easy with our Automated Vacuum cleaner. This has to be my most favourite toy I have.

Automatic Vacuum Cleaner with remote control

So to wrap it up we can help with lots to make your house homely.

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