Keeping your furniture pet hair free

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Keeping your furniture pet hair free, Easy to add to your decor for texture or another layer of intricate design or as a bold statement to complement lighter colours. Always opt for throw rugs/blankets that are machine washable.

Choose your colour palette carefully. Dark fabric and floors show up light pet hair and light fabric shows up dark pet hair. Consider including pieces with the same colour as your pet’s hair for an interior finish that helps hide any dropped hairs. We suggest Couch covers a great option not only is it an easy way to change your decor keeps furniture pet hair free.

Groom pets regularly. Trimming your pet’s nails will protect your floors and upholstery, and the more hair you remove from your pet, the less you’ll find around the house.


Scratching: There’s no avoiding scratching when it comes to cats. It is a natural behaviour for them, and it allows them to remove the outer sheath of their claws to expose the new ones underneath. If you don’t provide cats with a surface to scratch, they will use your furniture and carpet! A scratching post needs to be sturdy and tall enough for your cat to stretch out on to scratch. You must teach your cat to use the post by playing games on and around the post for several days. If your cat goes to scratch the furniture, redirect them to the post and encourage them to use it.

Keeping your furniture pet hair free

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