Aroma Diffuser 4-IN-1 500 ML Ultrasonic


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Aroma Diffuser 4-IN-1 500 ML Ultrasonic.  In Australian dry climate, it’s important to keep yourself moisturized, even in your office. These ultrasonic diffuser waves create air moisture to combat the drying effect of heating and air-conditioning. Keep your skin moisture all the time. By releasing a large number of anions, it creates reactions with dust and impurities in the air and in turn purify the air, removing allergies and odours. Combines with your favourite essential oil, it will also assist in cleansing and getting rid of air-borne bacteria. Live in a clean fresh air anytime. Comes with 7 LED colour night light, you can always choose the one you like to end the night with. When it’s down to low water level, it’ll automatically shut off that makes it safe to use anytime, anywhere.


Unique droplet design

Ultrasonic aroma diffuser

4-in-1: Aromatherapy, humidifier, purifier, night light

For aromatherapy: Add 5 or more drops of essential oil

7 selectable night light colours

Ultra-Fine cool mist

Can be used as a sterilizer with vinegar

2 mist adjustment modes

LED indicator

Low energy consumption

High humidification effect

Quiet operation

Auto cut-off at low water level


Material: ABS and PP

Power: 12W

Voltage: AC220-240V/ 50-60Hz

Tank maximum capacity: 500ml

The range of aroma: 20 – 30m2

Noise: <35dB(A)

Working time per 300ml: Up to 26 hours

Timer: 1 / 2 / 6 hours

Available Colours: Light Wood Grain and Dark Wood Grain


1 x 4-In-1 500ml Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser

1 x User Manual

1 x Adapter

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Dark Wood, Light Wood

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