FLOOFI 400ML Automatic Fish Feeder (White) FI-AFF-100-TSE


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Versatile Timing Options: This product offers multiple timing options, including manual and automatic modes, as well as multi-stage timing. You have the freedom to customize feeding schedules, making it an intelligent and convenient solution for pet owners.

Large Food Storage Capacity: With a generous 400ml closed food bin, you can store a significant amount of pet food. The outlet switch is adjustable, allowing precise control over the portion size, ensuring your pet is well-fed.

Internal Drying and Preservation: This pet feeder is equipped with internal drying and preservation mechanisms, helping to keep the food fresh for longer. It ensures that your pet’s food remains in optimal condition, maintaining its nutritional value.

Flexible Installation: The product offers two installation modes, providing flexibility in how you set it up. Whether you prefer to place it on a flat surface or mount it for added stability, this pet feeder accommodates your preferences.

User-Friendly Design: The feeder is designed for ease of use. Its rotatable features make it convenient to access and refill the food bin. The user-friendly design ensures that you and your pet can enjoy a hassle-free feeding experience.

  • Brand: FLOOFI

  • Material: ABS

  • Voltage: 3V

  • Feed Capacity: 400 ml

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