Floofi Pet Hair Dryer Advance Button Version (Blue) FI-PHD-111-DY


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Versatile Nozzle Options with 3 Varieties: Enjoy versatile grooming with three different nozzles, allowing you to customize the airflow for various coat types and grooming needs.

Fur Protection with Convenient Airflow and Thermal Control: Ensure the safety and comfort of your pet’s fur with convenient airflow and thermal control features. This pet hair dryer offers precise control to prevent overheating and protect your pet’s coat during the drying process.

Quick and Safe Drying Process: Experience a quick and safe drying process for your pet. The efficient design of this hair dryer ensures speedy drying while maintaining a safe and gentle experience for your fury friend.

Noise Reduction for Calm Grooming: Minimize stress during grooming sessions with noise reduction technology. This pet hair dryer operates with reduced noise levels, creating a calm environment for both you and your pet during grooming.

Dust Filtering with Thick Sponge: Maintain cleanliness during grooming with a thick sponge for dust filtering. This feature ensure that the air expelled is free from dust particles, contributing to a hygienic and healthy grooming experience for your pet.

  • Brand: FLOOFI

  • Color: Blue

  • Power: 800-2800W

  • Voltage: 220-240V

  • Wind Speed: 40 m/s-90 m/s

  • Temperature: 65-70℃ (Adjustable)

  • Hose Length: 0.8-2.3m

  • Noise: 40-75dB

  • Power Cord Length: 2.2m

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