GOMINIMO 3 in 1 Sky Style Kids Play Tent with Carrying Bag (Blue and Yellow) GO-KT-100-LK


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Color Recognition Enhancement: The kids’ play tent features multiple vibrant colors, providing a visually stimulating environment that aids in enhancing your baby’s color recognition skills.

Capsule-Inspired Design: The kids’ play tent adopts a captivating capsule shape, igniting your baby’s imagination and allowing them to envision being in outer space.

Velcro Curtains: This kids’ tent features two Velcro curtains on each side of the door, ensuring a secure and firm closure for your child enjoy uninterrupted playtime fun.

Fine Mesh Gauze Sides: Our kids’ play tent incorporates fine mesh gauze on the sides, crafted with precision using a dense needle sewing machine. This meticulous construction ensures optimal ventilation, creating a breathable and comfortable play space for your children.

Promote Motor Skills: This kids’ tent encourages your child’s independence and helps develop essential motor skills, such as climbing, walking, and playing with other children.


Material: Polyester cloth

Colour: Blue

Product Size 3-piece Set Includes: Tent: 105 x 105 x 135 cm, Crawling tunnel: 46 x 120 cm, Ball pit: 120 x 36 x 72 cm

Product Weight: 1.5kg

Packaging Dimension: 50 x 50 x 7 cm

Packaging Weight: 1.8kg

Package Content

1x 3-in-1 Kids Play Tent

Additional information

Weight2 kg
Dimensions50 × 7 × 50 cm