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Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp




1-2 kg Rock Salt Lamp
Height approx 18cm
Ionic radius – approx 1mt
Suitable for bedroom, beside a computer, meditation space
Himalayan Salt lamps are unique and vary in size, shape and colour. They are hand-chiselled to preserve their primordial energy and maximize therapeutic benefits. Each Rock Salt Lamp is cradled on a beautiful wooden base and comes complete with an Australian Approved cord and globe. Care guidelines are included.

Each of our Himalayan Carved Shape Pink Salt Lamps includes:
A Hand Excavated or Carved Shape Pink Salt Lamp from salt deposits at the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains
A LED Light Bulb included (no need to buy your bulb)
USB Plug included (For AC Australian Plug check out our store we have them as well)
Choose your lamp shape as you like
Indicative Size for any of the shapes is about 10cm high and about 9cm wide.

Indicative Weight for each shape as follows

Natural Rock Shape ~ 0.7 Kgs
Sphere/Ball Shape ~ 0.7 Kgs
Heart Shape ~ 0.6 Kgs
Egg Shape ~ 1.1 Kgs
Cylinder Shape ~ 1.5 Kgs
Pyramid Shape ~ 0.6 Kgs

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Ball, Cylinder, Egg, Heart, Natural Rock, Pyamid

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