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Content alone in the valley a host of violet lilies rally Bowing to the crystal lake A daydreamer they will not forsake beneath amass of humming trees they sit waining in a summer breeze Top notes – Cassis Pear Violet Blackcurrent Middle notes – Damask Rose Freesia Tuberose Dry down – Vanilla Patchouli White Musk Blonde Wood

A chic & practical alternative to a reed Diffuser with no chance of accidental spillage – My Mansions range of interior perfume is meticulously crafted to an elevated fragrance ratio creating an intense, potent and long lasting essence. The porous kaolin diffuser ball draws in the fragrant perfume oil capturing scent notes and gradually diffusing throughout any space. Atomise to the centre of your chosen room to create an immediate more intense fragrant ambient aesthetic. Packaged in opulent thickset glassware with a velour pouch and black kaolin diffuser ball makes for a luxurious gift for someone special or well deserved spend for oneself. Lucullan inspired fragrances will ensure of ambient luxury every room deserves. Pair with beautiful scented flora. Hand-picked premium whole flower buds infused with your choice of My Mansions sophisticated scents. Available in 50 gram bags or add to your interior perfume purchase and top up with your chosen fragrance as needed. Display this modern version of scented flora in your favorite glassware. A simple and elegant touch with a hint fragrance to your room.

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