Suppliers Upload

This is how to send us your list of products:

format your list of products using a spreadsheet:

Here is one you can download and start yourself: HERE

then send us the link.

List Notes:

  • Keep the Column Titles the same, add length, width, height columns if needed.
  • If an item is a sale item add a SALE_PRICE column and enter the sale price as well as the normal price for that item.
  • Include colours and sizes in the NAME of each item.
  • Remember to calculate the price to include any tax, shipping (avg for any state), this must be your recommended retail or less.
  • Upload images to a folder in google drive, Dropbox or similar then copy and paste the photo share links into the sheet, in google drive use the “get shareable link”.
  • Your SKU or Stock Keeping Unit can be anything you would like it to be for your stock tracking.
  • Upload the spreadsheet to the folder as well.
  • Put a share link to the whole folder in the form below
  • Don’t send product until the money is in your bank.


  • Price should be retail or cheaper.
  • Price should be equal or smaller than listed elsewhere.
  • We (AroundTheHome) do not cover any shipping costs.
  • Items must not be 2nd hand.
  • You must provide us tracking details as soon as you have sent the product.

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Supplier Upload

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