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Have your link typed into something like notepad where you can easily copy it from, as you will need to past it into a facebook post all at once so it picks up the whole link and not just part of it.


On my PC I use “notepad” to make sure I have the link right before copying and pasting the whole thing

I’ve had to leave spaces in between this URL to stop it from making a link

https:// aroundthehome. com. au/affiliate-information/ref/yourusername

the most important thing is to get /ref/yourusername on the end of the URL of whatever product or page you want to post.

On Android

On an Android phone you can use any sort of text editor or memo that doesn’t recognise a URL and turn it into a link like this website would

In the play store type text editor and install a simple one like “QuickEdit” by rythm software and use that to build URL’s then copy and post

Building your URL

Go to the website, find the product, category or page you want to share, at the very top you see the http://aroundthehome……..

Select the whole line, copy and paste it into your text editor then add your /ref/username

Select the whole line copy and paste it into FaceBook.

If anyone can write out this procedure for an iphone or mac for us that would be great.

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what does URL stand for?  = Uniform Resource Locator